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Global virotherapy Cancer Clinic, the best Integrative oncology treatment Europe

The Global Virotherapy is a remarkable medical center in the world for offering the best Integrative oncology treatment europe , whose objective is to become a leading institution in the fight against cancer through virotherapy. It is located in Latvia, in the community of Jurmala, on the Baltic coast.

Your medical team is made up of the best specialists in the area and is committed to providing each patient with high-quality medical care focused on each individual case, accompanying each patient at each stage of treatment and establishing a relationship of trust that works in pro of the total welfare of the patient.
Virotherapy is based on the use of oncolytic viruses that destroy cancer cells, including tumors as resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy as melanoma. It can be applied in combination with other treatments and has minimal side effects in the patient.
The initial package has a minimum duration of 3 months of treatment. In addition to basic medical services such as consultations with oncologists and immunologists and the performance of the corresponding examinations, the application of Riga Virus injections and nursing services, the patient will be offered a comfortable room with food service. It will also be attended by a nutritionist and other specialists that are required.
Additionally, Global Virotherapy offers a therapeutic recreation program, designed to make patients feel better after chemo or radiotherapy sessions, which usually have unpleasant side effects. For this, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, art therapy, mind and body relaxation techniques and acupuncture sessions are offered.
For a free evaluation in the best Integrative oncology treatment Europe, the specialists of Global Virotherapy Clinic offer you the possibility of filling out an application form completely free of charge, through its website virotherapy clinic.eu.
Give your body the opportunity to cure this terrible disease, contact us through our website and answer all the questions and doubts you have.


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