Aldon Smith and knowing who he is

Who’s NFL Aldon Smith and how old his fiancée? Wiki: net worth, wife, age & salary. Aldon Jacarus Smith is clearly an experienced American Football player. He is famous to have played in the position of an outside linebacker in the NFL, which is the National Football League. He played for Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. His career has been filled with honors and achievements. However, he became a free agent due to legal problems that stemmed up. This happened due to the issues with regards to supposed domestic violence issues.

News and legal issues on Aldon Smith
Aldon has always had to deal with legal battles from time to time. He has had countless issues in the past culminating in his current case of domestic violence. His initial case happened in the year 2012. This is when he was taken in by law enforcement in Miami Beach, Florida. Here, he was arrested for driving under influence. Some few months after that, he had a stab when he tried to arbitrate in a fight that happened at his dwelling during a party. There was an investigation, which led to him, been charged with 3 charges? He was charged with unlawful ownership of assault weapon, which was later lessened to a misdemeanor. The next year, there was a car accident, which resulted to another DUI suspicion where he was concerned. It was even work due to the marijuana possession that came in. He went for rehab. But these cases haven’t ended yet.
What is the net worth of Aldon Smith?
His estimated net worth is currently at $3 million. This was earned due to the thriving professional football career. He has been giving many honors. All this is proof of his ability in this sport. However, recent issues with regards to domestic violence are what has paused his career for a while. That doesn’t mean all hope is lost with his career and life. Things can change for the better and the net worth will increase accordingly as well.